Awe-inspiring, manor house in South Tyrol

Centre in the Fonteklaus

A play on words to start with. ‘Ansitzen’ means to have a strong connection with something. We have so many strong connections. With nature, tasks, doing good, with our guests. Our ‘Ansitz’, or ‘manor house’, in South Tyrol is alive with buoyant connections.


A place where only good things happen to you. Ansitz Fonteklaus nestles in a lovely little area of South Tyrol; an idyll that is hard to beat. Seeing those first rays of sunshine in the morning, enjoying tranquillity in the evening, in the middle of nowhere.


Just like a chapter from a storybook, Ansitz Fonteklaus rests above Klausen in South Tyrol. Yes, it rests! Peaceful tranquillity is reflected in the demeanour of guests, providing a unique holiday in Klausen.

Gfader Family


approx. 25m² | 2 + 1 person


20 m² | 1 - 2 person


from 20 m² to 33 m² | 2 + 1 person


45 m² | 2 + 2 person

Our natural swimming pond – your pure, cool waters

Infinity pond with dreamy panorama

Brimming with get up and go

See, smell, listen to and breathe nature. Opening your senses to what is beautiful. Lingering in energy-filled spaces and being on the move, so to speak. Exploring a dreamy landscape, as far as your feet can carry you. Cycling with a tail wind on the Isarco. Encountering amazing things while out in the tracks of nature. The opportunities to get active during your holiday in Klausen are limitlessly lovely!