Sights and worthwhile experiences for your holiday in Klausen

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Picturesque extras from nature and culture. The Isarco Valley has so many. Buzz about and experience a charming little piece of South Tyrol.

Welcome to small town style! Strolling in the town’s winding streets is lovely. In Klausen museum see the famous Loreto treasure, a unique collection of art and show-pieces from the ateliers of Spanish and Italian artists in the 16th and 17th centuries.

‘Holy Mountain’ is one of the oldest pilgrimage destinations in Tyrol. Archaeology, history and art – there is so much to explore within these themes around the abbey on Säben Mountain. For 335 years, sisters from the Benedictine order lived in the abbey complex. The abbey was abandoned in November 2021 and it is now under the administration and custody of the Bolzano-Brixen Diocese.

Fascinating “Teiser Kugeln”. This is a magnificent collection of mountain crystals and minerals from the surrounding area, which is known for its abundance of mineral deposits, amazes.

A highlight for anyone with an interest in history and culture! Enter one of the most significant archaeological sites in the Alpine area. On an area spanning some 1600m² a piece of the Stone Age comes to life again. In the 1980s, vestiges of a period spanning over 7000 years were uncovered. Let the Neolithic period, the Bronze age and the Roman era welcome you.

A charming cultural town. The former episcopal town has an abundance of splendid buildings that are a reminder of a glorious past. Thanks to its significant history, Brixen today has remained the spiritual centre of South Tyrol. Attending the celebratory Kassians procession on the 3rd Sunday after Easter is one special experience.

Not to be missed here is a trip to the archaeology museum. It is here that 5000 year old glacier mummy Ötzi rests, a chance discovery by hikers in 1991 in the glacier region of the Ötztal Alps.

The ore mine is the highest mine in Europe. For over 800 years, lead silver and zinc were mined in the mineshafts at 2000 metres altitude. During a guided tour, explore the depths of the mountain via a kilometre-long cave.

A paradise for nature and flower lovers above the spa town of Merano. Thriving in these copiously stocked gardens are, along with many local plants, exotic plants from all parts of the globe. A very special spectacle for every season.

Lake Caldero is the biggest natural swimming lake in South Tyrol and the warmest Alpine lake.

In summer the temperature of the water reaches up to 24°. It and Lake Monticolo are among the most popular swimming waters in South Tyrol. Enjoy swimming fun and views in the midst of unique natural surroundings!

A centuries-old tradition in the Isarco Valley. A piece of South Tyrolean tradition, that comes to life every year between September and November. Taverns and quaint inns open their doors, pampering their guests with delicious culinary treats from the Alpine area. Hearty ‘Schlachtplatten’ (which features pork-based dishes), aromatic mountain cheeses and delicious ‘Schlutzkrapfen’ (filled pasta pockets) are served in the traditional inns.


You also get to enjoy some fine wines from the recent season or a glass of freshly pressed apple juice. Not to be missed during the ‘Törggelen’ celebrations – “Keschtn”, or roast, hot chestnuts! As part Isarco Valley Chestnut Week, chefs from the region create copious tasty “Keschtn’ dishes.

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