The most magical of all excursions in Isarco Valley

Gather strength from nature

Nature must be experienced through feeling

Alexander von Humboldt

Majestic, beautiful and charming. Fonteklaus is like a treat served up on a lush green platter. And sits enthroned on nature’s umbilical. At 900 metres altitude, it is enthroned above the little artists’ town of Klausen. Anyone who lands here will be leaving the fast-paced, consumer-oriented world behind them. An excursion destination in Isarco Valley which exudes charm. Welcome to a place far removed from the hectic pace and endless streams of traffic. Cast off, let go, feel weightless.

Anyone who heads to the Fonteklaus as an excursion destination in Isarco Valley will be shoulder to shoulder with energy. The unlimited views to the enchanting all-round panorama alone loosens all the latches for energy to flow. There is nothing to block views into the distance. An endlessly expansive sky that silences restless minds. Be carried off on the loveliness of the elevated position. Breathe the forest, listen to seclusion. Linger at sublime viewing points. Discover retreats and move with the clouds. Find your own centre in calm admiration of the beautiful surrounding area.

Discover a new way of being

Special places with unique, inspiring radiance. These are energy-filled spaces. And the Fonteklaus is without a doubt one of them. Many places have always been attributed with a palpable magic. Others are simply described as energy-filled spaces on account of their energetic style. Without science, feeling is everything. The best thing to do is simply put out the feelers on your hike in Isarco Valley. Do you want to spend a bit of time in a little spot that invites you to take the pace down, which grounds, strengthens and inspires you? Welcome to this energy-filled space.

Feel the power of the elements

There are not enough words to describe the energy-filled space that is the Fonteklaus. So get experiencing! During your stay in our manor house you get to enjoy an interplay of the four elements. The wonderfully fertile soils on which you stand, walk and lie stretched out. The naturally refreshing water that promises swimming which is beyond compare. The pure air in the woodland, rich in resinous aroma. The heat of the sun in that enchanting sunset glow. Experience how the natural totality of the energy-filled space that is the Fonteklaus takes effect on you. Calming. Bolstering. Expanding your consciousness.

Because fathoming energy works up an appetite

Would you like to broaden the radius of your explorations? Head for new excursion destinations in Isarco Valley? Feel out how far beauty extends? Find your very own energy-filled space? We are happy to make up a picnic basket for you, filled with delicious food and energy-giving treats. So you can wholly fall imbibe nature. Your senses will dance with joy.

A pretty energy-filled space opposite

Right across from where you are enjoying holiday joy. The energy-filled space that is Säben Abbey. Earlier a seat of bishopric – today still described as the Acropolis of Tyrol – is an area surrounded by a very special tranquillity and mysticism. The feeling of expanse and weightlessness is awakened by the dreamy view to Isarco Valley alone. Feel the strength and energy of the past as you change perspective and opt to enjoy a detour to Säben Abbey. Hikes in Isarco Valley can be so exciting.

Out and about with the pulse of nature

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