Manor house in the course of time - Historic hotel in South Tyrol

Insider tip: Balance-Experience

The Fonteklaus, shrouded in legend. From the era in which the manor house was abandoned ruins, echo stories about the nefarious deeds of the spirits of wicked knights. These days those of us seeking to re-energise and relax can just chuckle about these stories. Of all the stories that are woven around this energy-filled space, there is one written down…

There once was…

Fonteklaus. A historic little hotel in South Tyrol, originally a farm owned by Adelhaid von Säben, who donated it as a gift to Novacella Abbey in 1317. The benefactress thereby secured spiritual salvation. In 1706 Franz Jenner purchased the farm and converted into a hunting lodge. The inscription above the stone threshold bears witness to this today. Pretty – the chapel next to the manor house. At the time it was dedicated to the patron saint of plagues and diseases, St. Rochus. Set up by way of thanks for the end of the plague.

One philosophy grew from many determinations

Owners came; owners went. The manor – increasingly falling into decline – was purchased by the Gfader family in 1938, who initially used the Fonteklaus as a hay farm. Eventually realising what a gem was slumbering there on lush pastures. The time was nigh. In 1979 the property was renovated from scratch.


An old property gets a new look. The historic little Hotel Fonteklaus is a tip for those in the know in South Tyrol. A place where there is nothing easier than feeling great. A feeling that is written in history here.

Where architecture harmonises with nature

Fonteklaus today. A building that is reminiscent of a castle. Set in idyllic natural surroundings. The beautifully proportioned building with its white-red, diamond-patterned window shutters is visible from quite a distance, from the lush green surrounding landscape. In a solitary location, yet also a precious gem, the property is on a gently sloping hillside in the heart of the Isarco Valley. Delighting those looking for relaxation with its irresistible charm. Our exceptional hotel in South Tyrol really is worth a visit.

Fonteklaus – more than the sum of its lovely parts

Natural stone stages, guiding your steps up to the threshold. Door frames that take us on a journey through time. Wood panelling that re-awakens in us memories of comfort from a time long past.     Walls that tell a tale of solidity and protection. Room elements in contemporary design. Monumental variety and tasteful unity. So how does all this fit together? Wonderfully well! Are you looking for an exceptional hotel in South Tyrol? Welcome to the Fonteklaus!

The pictures say it all…

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